My Skincare Routine!

Hey guys! So today we’re going to talk about skincare – my absolute favourite part of getting ready! Looking after your skin is SO important and shouldn’t be taken for granted, male or female. I have helped so many friends and family members with their routines and what I’ve learnt is that you can’t suggest a standard routine that fits everyone. It has to be tailored to the individual’s skincare needs and lifestyle needs – if your friend never washes her face after a night out, she’s probably not going to manage a 12-step Korean Beauty regime… But in all honesty, she probably doesn’t need that many products and that’s where this list comes in. It’s a list of products that have been tried and tested by yours truly over a period of months or years. That’s right, no fads or ads here. These products are absolute staples in my arsenal and form most of the recommendations I make to those I’m helping. These recommendations are for both men and women.



  1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml £12.00

Inexpensive, inoffensive and cleans your face. What more could you want? Works best with a Clarisonic but any face brush will work the same.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 07.47.29


  1. Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser 177ml £15.44

Similarly, inexpensive but quite strong and only really suitable for use 1-2x a week. We are entering the realm of Acids – this is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Any kind of acid use means you MUST use spf  during the day.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 07.50.51

  1. Lush Rub Rub Rub Scrub £10.95 

Okay this one is a bit of a curveball. This isn’t even technically a face product so what business do we have slathering it all over our faces? Quite simple really – it works. A small amount maybe 3-4x a week helps lift the dead skin that your AHAs have been exfoliating, off the face. It’s formulated with lemon that brightens dull skin and evens out skin tone.



  1. PIXI Glow Tonic £18.00

A cult favourite for a reason. I have used this for four years! Really helps brighten the skin and improve texture. No more milia bumps! Yay! Also, the bottle lasts for ages.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 08.00.07

  1. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution 240ml £6.75

Like the PIXI, this is a glycolic acid toner that helps your skin’s texture A LOT. It’s slightly stronger and you should build up your exposure to acids over time. This is a natural progression from the PIXI. Also – The Ordinary is extremely affordable. No more excuses!

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.32.20



  1. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir £50.00

Everyone knows I LOVE this stuff. In fact I’m on my 7th bottle and have previously written an entire blogpost about it. If that’s not testament I don’t know what is! It’s essentially pretty Vitamin E and rosehip oil with 24 carat gold flecks running through it! The gold disappears in to your skin and helps with cell regeneration. I use this twice a day (morning and night); I have super dry skin so putting oil on my face twice a day is usually quite welcome. If you have oily skin, use a facial oil once a day but don’t avoid them as they are crucial to curbing your own skin’s oil production.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.32.47

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream £49.00

It’s both heavily moisturising and lightweight at the same time. Has a velvety soft texture and a handful of nice ingredients for your skin. Makeup sits on top of it well too!


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.39.54



  1. Omorovicza Illuminating Moisturiser 50ml £85.00

Okaaay this one is expensive. But, if you are looking for a high end illuminating moisturiser this a great place to start. It makes you glow without glitter!

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.36.35



Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream £40.00

This cream hydrates, plumps and works round the clock to prevent fine lines forming around the eyes. It’s a great base for makeup if you wear it, and if not it will just leave your tired eyes a little plumper and more awake.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.38.46



  1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml £38.00

Another cult favourite packed with antioxidant ingredients to even out skin tone, reduce redness and puffiness. Sidebar: I swear the smell makes you go to sleep!


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.33.21


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream 15ml £35.00

If I’m having a bad skin day, I put this on at night to reset things and calm my                       skin down.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 12.34.41


If you’ve made it this far then thank you so much for reading! This list is nowhere near exhaustive and there are things that I will keep adding to it but the goal is to create a curated catalogue of products that have my seal of approval. With sensitive, dry and temperamental skin, I really give these products a good go before recommending them to people. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me with any specific concerns and I’ll try my best to help you!


*Disclaimer: not a dermatologist*


All images were taken [with permissions] from the websites linked.

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